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Meet our Nursery Team

30th June 2021

We’re delighted to be extending our Nursery provision to 48 weeks a year and have our brilliant team to work all year. Loraine Pincott, Nursery Manager Montessori Teaching Diploma, St Nicholas Montessori Centre, London Foundation Degree in Montessori Practice, Kent and Sussex Montessori Centre BA Early Childhood Development, Greenwich University Early Years Professional Status, Greenwich… Read More »

Fantastic Set of Results For Our Drama Students

28th May 2021

Drama at Skippers has had a very positive half term with great successes at the East Grinstead Festival and also fantastic exam results for our Trinity Drama students who have lessons with Mrs Pearson. It demonstrates the wonderful dramatic talent we have at Skippers and the department continues to go from strength to strength. Huge… Read More »

Unique Learners in Year 2

28th May 2021

So far, our Summer term in Year 2 has been fantastic. We dived straight into our child-led topic of ‘We Are Unique Learners’, and after many very interesting discussions with the class we decided to focus on ‘Animals Around The World’ as we discovered that our Year 2s (including Miss Page, Mrs Ellis and Mrs… Read More »

Collective School Efficacy

26th May 2021

This term we have been reviewing our teaching and learning, reflecting on our effect, identify as well as strengths and focus for development moving forward. It was important for SLT and myself that this was done collaboratively as recent evidence has demonstrated this has the biggest impact on pupils. It is important to clarify at… Read More »

What a Week for Year 6 in Dorset

26th May 2021

We certainly had better weather than in Five Ashes and the pupils certainly made the most of everything that the beautiful Dorset coastline has to offer. Day one included a fun time in a sloppy assault course style mud run followed by an afternoon on an inflatable water course where the excitement and pent up energy certainly… Read More »

Year 5 Make Simple Machines in Science

26th May 2021

Year 5 have been making simple machines as part of their science unit on forces. Their task was to create two simple machines that flowed into each other, and their inventions worked beautifully. The children used their creative skills to combine the machines and had opportunities to practise their resilience as they perfected the flow… Read More »

Taking Responsibility

6th May 2021

It is our belief that our children have the greatest power over their own development. We have been looking to our Year 7s and 8s for inspiration as they are wonderful ambassadors and have seriously taken on the responsibility to positively impact and improve their lives and others around them. As educators we are consistently… Read More »

It takes Courage to Learn

26th March 2021

Our school community has demonstrated such courage this term. This has been defined by our ability to venture, persevere and withstand any difficulty or adversity thrown at us, even an overnight decision to move to remote learning! This has come through in recent assessments as there has been impressive progress made across the whole school,… Read More »

Why You Will Never Be Average

10th March 2021

I want to transport you back to the 1940s when the US Air Force started to wonder why so many of their planes were crashing. It was so serious that 17 pilots crashed in a single day. Their investigations led them to the conclusion that it wasn’t pilot error or mechanical error. What they discovered… Read More »

Restoring the Balance

11th February 2021

With everything that’s going on right now most of us long for balance, especially for our children. Skippers gets this right by weaving together strong mental and physical health, excellent academic progress while encouraging healthy social interactions and skills that will allow our children to thrive as positive contributors to our society. This has always… Read More »