Why Skippers?

Skippers is an incredibly happy school where our children are enthused to come into school every day. They take full advantage of the boundless possibilities here, with our forward thinking curriculum preparing them for the many opportunities they will have in the future.

We take great pride in the fact that this is consistently observed and commented on by parents, visitors and, most importantly, our children. Many describe how wonderfully happy and confident the children are, the fantastic relationships between them and their teachers, as well as the enriching learning experience we provide for all.

As you will see from the review, testimonial and report below, Skippers is a truly special place where all children can thrive.

If anything, then, it feels that Mr Makhouli’s appointment has coincided perfectly with the overall modernisation of Skippers, which began when Bellevue took it over.

Personable, engaging and clearly very dedicated to the school and the wider community, Mr Makhouli has the air of a further game-changer for the school. He’s also a big advocate of outdoor learning, as any head of Skippers would have to be given the scope of the site.

Most savvy observers of education and wider cultural trends would have to agree that digital skills and connection with nature and outdoors are two huge focus areas of 2020 and beyond, making Skippers a very enticing prospect indeed.

Muddy Stilettos 2020 


Since returning to school Edward starts everyday jumping in the car and declaring how much he “loves his life”. I think his words say it all. He is now in an environment that allows him to be the very best version of himself. What more can we ask’

Skippers’ parent quote 2021


“The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent”

“The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent”

“Pupils develop a strong understanding of their social responsibilities and contribute most effectively to the welfare of their peers”

ISI Inspection September 2019