Senior School Preparation

The choice of Senior School is taken very seriously and in addition to holding an annual Options Evening, Mr Makhouli meets with parents personally to discuss this important next step, considering all aspects of potential schools from academic achievement to size, location and culture.

Our Senior School Preparation is bespoke to each Senior School and we are thorough in our preparation. This familiarises our children with the process and alleviates any potential anxiety. Some Senior Schools require Entrance Exams or Pre-Tests as well as interview days and further paper based assessments as part of their admissions process; we guide families through this every step of the way.

We are proud to have achieved a 100% success rate in the Common Entrance exams over the past 20 years, with every child gaining a place at the school of their choice. Find out more.

Prior to the Common Entrance Exams, we offer advice and support to both children and parents, in a number of ways:


For wider reading, these books are very important as they are written by ISEB examiners specifically for Common Entrance and extend beyond the topics which we cover for the standard Common Entrance paper. The textbooks can be found here.

CGP Books are also available and are used in school.