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Posted: 19th March 2024

Years 3 – 5 Spring Term Update

This term Years 3 and 4 have been tasked with making their own animal enclosures during their weekly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lessons. To inspire the children and allow them to conduct research, both year groups had an exciting day at Drusillas. The children had to measure a variety of different enclosures using tape measures, rangefinders and laser tape measures. They also had to study the animals and the enclosures to find out what enrichment the animals might need. While at Drusillas, the children also participated in a workshop run by the zoo. Year 3 engaged in a ‘close encounters’ workshop and Year 4  took part in  a rainforests workshop. The children got to meet animals, learn about their environments and the threats that they may face. The children have all shown creativity, imagination, problem solving and engineering skills this term and they can’t wait to show off the finished products!

Year 5 have had a terrific time studying the Tudors this term, including a visit to Hampton Court Palace. Here they learnt about the different jobs children did in the palace and saw what life in Henry VIII’s court was like. It was a wonderful enrichment experience. Science, in Y5,  has been particularly creative and thought provoking this term.  They have been studying materials and the children have been testing and experimenting with materials that could replace plastic in the future. There has been triumph and success on the sports field too – with the Year 5 boys winning the U10 UKSA in hockey. This is a county-wide competition which includes large, prestigious schools within the country. The girls have also been getting thoroughly stuck into football taking part in weekly matches this term.  


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