About Us

At Skippers, we are committed to providing each and every child with a dynamic and supportive learning environment with boundless possibilities. We celebrate each child’s unique character and capabilities, allowing them to be themselves and motivated to do their very best. It is important for us to foster a community of discovery which encourages every individual to find and develop their passions, seek new opportunities, develop lasting friendships and ultimately achieve their potential.

Skippers has a distinctive character that people fall in love with. We are a family school with an incredibly happy atmosphere; staff are always approachable and children are enthused to come to school. In a world where children seem to grow up faster than ever, we provide an environment for children to remain just that. We want them to enjoy school, thrive on the many opportunities offered, be inspired to work hard and to be kind, adventurous, courteous and honest.

At Skippers, each child will:

  • Participate and flourish in all aspects of school life, becoming a well-rounded and confident individual.
  • Become an effective learner who takes pride in their achievements, facing and overcoming challenge.
  • Develop courage and independence, demonstrating ownership of their development.
  • Be healthy, happy and understand how to stay safe.
  • Be inclusive, tolerant and fair-minded, valuing the importance of relationships with others.
  • Be the best version of themselves.

We enable the fulfilment of our vision by:

  • Offering an education which is broad as well as deep, where innovation is welcome and children are able to flourish.
  • Maintaining an unwavering focus on learning at all levels of the school, valuing the process and recognising that mistakes are an opportunity for deeper learning.
  • Providing a happy, inclusive and supportive environment where every child is treated as an individual with their own unique set of talents and where the breadth of achievement is recognised.
  • Ensuring that teaching combines the best of tradition with the latest approaches, so that every lesson excites and engages.
  • Recruiting and investing in exceptional staff, making sure they are supported and challenged; our training programme and opportunities to share best practice are unrivalled.
  • Utilising our enchanting setting, investing in quality facilities and current technologies.
  • Involving parents in their children’s education by providing a window on their learning.