Destination Schools, Scholarships and Results

As a non-selective independent school, we are extremely proud of our record of academic results. Very high standards are achieved at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage and throughout the school our children’s results are consistently well above the national average, with academic scholarships achieved for a range of senior school destinations.

As well as a high success rate in senior schools’ own entrance exams, we have achieved a 100% success rate at Common Entrance over the past 20 years, with every child gaining a place at the senior school of their choice.


In addition to their academic success and scholarships, our children achieve a significant number of specialist scholarships in Music, Sport, Art and Drama.

Our thriving Music, Sport, Art and Drama departments provide a breadth of experience and the opportunity to excel in competitions and performances. Many children also take exams in a vast range of musical instruments, dance and drama. We also have successful sports teams competing in all major games, and children represent their county in several sports.

Destination Schools

At Skippers, we are proud that our children go on to a range of senior schools to take the next step in their education and development. We firmly believe this diverse range is essential in order to secure the best choice for each child. We work closely with our parents to identify the right school for each child and support both the child and parents through the journey to entry.

In recent years Skippers children have moved on to the following different senior schools: