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What is Character Education?

20th March 2024

The measures of a quality education extend far beyond academic attainment and exam results. However, many schools often neglect Character Education as a vital part of a child’s educational experience. But what is Character Education and why is its importance greater than ever in our rapidly changing world? What is Character Education? Character Education refers… Read More »

Elisabeth Lineker Feels Welcomed and Privileged to be a Member of the Skippers Family

20th March 2024

I truly believe my few months at Skippers have been the most enjoyable of my working life to date.  I immediately recognized the school’s remarkable warmth on my first visit and I am pleased to say that my first impressions were not wrong.  Skippers is a special place, with wonderful children and a friendly, collaborative… Read More »

The Power of ‘I Don’t Know’

20th March 2024

Welcome to our world! This is a small selection of the questions that were asked one day last week in Kindergarten: Why is it raining every day? Where is my woodlouse gone? It was on this table…..  Where does poo go? (whilst looking down into the toilet) Is there a volcano in Mayfield? Where have… Read More »

The Importance of the Senior Years at Skippers

20th March 2024

“ Most importantly for me, I was able to just enjoy the extra couple of years spent with teachers I had known for the majority of my life and my friends” Molly C, ex-Skippers pupil. Deciding on the next chapter of your child’s educational journey can conjure up a range of emotions for you, and… Read More »

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey (1933)

20th March 2024

In the Pre-Prep this term we have had a big focus on reflection and feedback. Encouraging the children to think about their learning and the journeys they take to reach an end goal. Recognising that some journeys may be short whereas others may be long, some may go according to plan and some may be… Read More »

Digital Safety Advice

20th March 2024

This newsletter piece is a good opportunity to share digital safety advice and reminders from some of the courses that staff have attended and some of the safeguarding newsletters that we receive. Online games play an increasing part in the lives of the children in school so I have included the following: An excellent resource… Read More »

Years 7 and 8 Take Part in Model United Nations Workshop run by Bede’s

19th March 2024

Pupils in the senior years have fully immersed themselves in enriching learning opportunities this term. Notably, Year 7 & 8 participated in a Model United Nations workshop run by the Humanities team at Bede’s along with a few familiar faces of past pupils who lent their support and expertise!  The pupils delved into researching the… Read More »

Mrs Kershaw reflects on her First Term

19th March 2024

I feel very lucky to be working at Skippers Hill; I have had a wonderful first term here in a clearly very happy school. From the moment I stepped through the door, all the children and staff have been incredibly kind and welcoming.  I love teaching Performing Arts to all the children, from Kindy up… Read More »

Being Inspired

19th March 2024

Years 3 – 5 Spring Term Update This term Years 3 and 4 have been tasked with making their own animal enclosures during their weekly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lessons. To inspire the children and allow them to conduct research, both year groups had an exciting day at Drusillas. The children had to… Read More »

Broadening Horizons and Raising Aspirations

5th December 2023

One of the key components of our school focus of Broadening Horizons and Raising Aspirations has been inspired by our Early Years philosophy, to create an environment in which learning is driven by a process of enquiry owned by the child. Mrs Pinny and Mrs Ward passionately believe in this, where Enquiry-Based Learning inspires children… Read More »