Years 6 – 8 Have had an Inspirational and Aspirational Autumn Term

Posted: 5th December 2023

Years 6 – 8 have had an inspirational and aspirational first term, looking to make their learning come alive and embed “real world” skills that will allow them to be successful as they mature.

Year 6 embarked on an inspirational trip to the Science Museum. The children were treated to a session in the Wonderlab, including a presentation on Newton’s Laws and how they apply to rockets firing into space. They were able to explore the Museum’s exhibits, looking at real spacecraft, exhibitions on the Moon and its geology, as well as many other extraordinary artefacts! To finish the day off, the children watched ‘A Beautiful Planet’ on the amazing iMax screen in 3D. This was filmed from an awe-inspiring perspective of Earth from the International Space Station. A jammed pack day of discovering and inspiring science fun to help progress their learning and enjoyment of Science.

Year 7 have embraced The Independent Schools Examination Board Project Qualification (iPQ) vigorously and with success. We have found it an efficient tool to embed the “real world” skills needed in this new era of teaching and learning. It provides a framework for teaching and assessing the development of independent, pupil-led project-learning skills. It allows pupils to identify a question, research the answer, develop their views in light of research, present their findings, and reflect on the learning process. Each child has now designed their own open ended question that will bring together their interests and passions, inspiring their research. As part of the process they were also inspired by Bede’s Humanities workshop when they were empowered throughout the day.

Year 8 have been working incredibly hard all term in preparation for their mocks in English, Maths and Science. This has culminated in excellent progress not only in their exam performance but also their study skills and metacognition, intentional thinking about how they think and learn. Outside of the core subjects Mrs Cain has been inspiring the children with her passion for languages through their French and Spanish lessons. In the Humanities they have been been studying abolition and the consequences of the slave trade as well as field trips in the local area as part of Geography.


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