Years 1 and 2

Year 1 marks the first year of Key Stage 1 and at Skippers we ensure this is the smoothest transition for the children and their parents from our EYFS. A dedicated team of teachers enable children to excel to the best of their ability in a nurturing and caring environment.

An engaging curriculum, which leads on perfectly from our EYFS education and provision, provides excellent learning opportunities for all our children. The importance of fostering a love of learning is continued, with our highly qualified teachers  and teaching assistants enabling the children to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of key subjects. This is all done whilst providing opportunities for every child to develop their independence and self-confidence.

It is essential that the children are not only taught the traditional subjects, but are exposed to a vast curriculum, ensuring all their interests and needs are fostered and met. Children often contribute towards their choice of topic so that the learning is exciting and meaningful. Children in Years 1 and 2 benefit from weekly lessons with our specialist teachers in the fields of Music, PE, Woodland Learning and Games.

From Year 1, children use Chromebooks to support and enhance their learning across the whole curriculum; their use enable a more varied and stimulating approach whilst also helping to develop computer skills from a young age. The need for these skills was very apparent from the recent experience of home learning and they are essential in the future development of more advanced IT skills.

Children in Years 1 and 2 at Skippers enjoy a broad range of learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Regular Woodland Learning sessions allow the children to make the most of the acres of beautiful woodland and meadows here at Skippers, whilst trips and visits to local areas of interest further enrich their topic learning and engagement with the wider world.