In Reception, the children are encouraged to foster a love for learning right from the start. The EYFS Framework allows the children to explore a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum. At Skippers, we aim to ensure that all of the children enjoy a rich learning experience filled with educationally  stimulating activities.

Our strong adult:child ratios ensure that each child is given individual time and attention so that they can achieve their maximum potential in a nurturing and positive environment. Alongside our exciting Phonics and Maths sessions, the children also engage in Music, French and PE lessons, which are all taught by our specialist teachers.

Our Reception area is a creative, warm and inviting environment where the children feel safe and happy, which is essential for young children to learn. With the support of their highly qualified teachers, the children are encouraged to become independent learners.

Reception children benefit from their own dedicated outdoor play space, as well as a weekly Woodland Explorers session in our 22 acres of wooded area. This outdoor learning allows the children to develop, not just academically through reflective and inquisitive thinking, but physically too. The children all naturally have a love, appreciation and respect for nature and our aim is to nurture and develop their understanding of how we can look after our environment and all that lives in it.

There are also opportunities throughout the year for the children to go on school trips, which are linked to their learning. In previous years they have visited The Big Cat Sanctuary after raising money for the Sanctuary throughout their chosen topic “endangered animals”.

There is ongoing assessment of each child’s progress throughout the year, with information about academic progress and attainment shared through reports and parents’ meetings. Additionally, regular updates on your child’s Tapestry learning journal gives you regular insight into their school day. Our aim is to build a strong, positive relationship with all our parents to ensure that every family is supported, so their child can thrive.