As with everything we do at Skippers, our Sport is child-centred, allowing our children to explore and excel at their passions. There is a wide range of sports available for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy. Our aim is to achieve a 100% participation rate to allow every child to experience the benefits of match days and controlled competition on a weekly basis.

As you can read in our 2019 ISI Inspection report, our Sport provision is outstanding. Over the years a significant number of our children have been awarded specialist scholarships in Sport at their chosen senior school. This is facilitated by our team of experienced and enthusiastic sports staff who are in place to deliver and develop our children’s knowledge and skills while instilling a love and passion for a variety of sports from Nursery to Year 8.

It is vital to remember that some of our children just want to play for the joy of taking part or representing the school. We take inclusion just as seriously and believe that representing the school at any level is important and helps build confidence, so we ensure this takes place across all our teams.

The school’s enthusiasm for Sport is well accommodated with our extensive playing fields, astroturf, gymnasium, swimming pool and tennis courts.  We have a full fixture list with all of the preparatory schools in our area and take part in matches every Wednesday and Thursday. At Skippers we take great pride in performing strongly in a range of sports including Football, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Cross Country, Athletics and Cricket.

The success achieved in team sports is outstanding.

ISI Inspection Report 2019