Global, Social and Ethics Programme

In Year 7, the children take the next step by embarking on a new way of learning through our Global, Social and Ethics (GSE) Programme. GSE is a forward-looking approach based on the latest research into learning, which builds 21st century skills to prepare our children for the future.

With the workplace rapidly evolving and the advent of machine thinking, the globally connected workforce will require a rather different approach to employment when the children currently at Skippers go out into the wider world. Problem solving, critical thinking and innovation skills will be at the forefront, with creativity right at the top of the list.

In GSE we draw together knowledge from a broad range of subjects and apply this to real world contexts. The subjects included are:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Digital Literacy
  • Study Skills
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • 21st Century Studies

The children work on projects which offer opportunities for communication, collaboration and self-direction and this style of learning has allowed them to show great levels of enthusiasm, adaptability and initiative.

Our staff also improve their 21st century mindset as the need for collaboration, creativity and adaptability from the teachers is vital to the success of the project.

For more information on how GSE works and the first topic, click here.

Sussex topic

One topic the children complete through the GSE Programme in Year 7 is the Sussex topic where the children must produce an ebook based on their learning.

As part of the children’s reflection of the first Sussex topic, four of the Year 7s recorded a podcast where they discussed the impact of independent learning as well as what they enjoyed, didn’t enjoy and what they found difficult.

Here are some key quotes from the podcast of what the children thought:

Skippers is a unique and special school community where children are nurtured and taught by some of the most outstanding teaching professionals I’ve ever come across. Children can be children longer at Skippers, whilst at the same time growing in confidence and resilience to manage life at senior schools. Life changing for my son. All this in the stunning Sussex countryside!!

Year 7 parent

This aspect of the curriculum allows flexibility for both the children and teachers. The children can demonstrate work using their strengths and challenge themselves to develop their weaknesses and the teachers have the opportunity to make the learning current and relevant.

The children begin the development of their personal profiles through a new and innovative platform called Kloodle, creating their own CV based upon their learning experiences both in and outside of school. This allows them to identify strengths and weaknesses and see how their successes outside of academia can have a positive impact on their learning in school.