The Importance of the Senior Years at Skippers

Posted: 20th March 2024

“ Most importantly for me, I was able to just enjoy the extra couple of years spent with teachers I had known for the majority of my life and my friends”
Molly C, ex-Skippers pupil.

Deciding on the next chapter of your child’s educational journey can conjure up a range of emotions for you, and the child involved. These can include excitement – about the new opportunities opening up, anxiety – about the challenges to come, and perhaps some uncertainty, about what the future will hold. It is important to approach the decision-making process with careful consideration to fit your child’s individual needs and personality.

There are many benefits of staying at Skippers until the end of year 8:

Academic Preparation: We provide a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares your child for Year 9 and beyond. We know your child’s strengths and we are able to support them in the best way possible. We have years of experience with regards to future schools entrance procedures and scholarships and will prepare your child for these in a familiar and nurturing manner.

Personal Development: The extended time at Skippers allows your child to remain in touch with their younger selves, while growing in maturity by taking on increased responsibilities around that school as student leaders and role models. At Skippers they develop important social and life skills, fostering independence and resilience. This allows them to grow in maturity at their own pace, able to thrive alongside older students once they reach their next educational setting.

Strong Foundations: Completing Year 8 at Skippers ensures your child has a solid educational foundation before transitioning to their senior school, setting them up for success in the next stage of their education.
Extracurricular Opportunities: At Skippers we have strong links with senior schools and are able to offer the children a range of outreach opportunities in relation to academics, arts and sport. This, amalgamated with our own activities programme, helps the children discover their interests and talents.

Supportive Environment: In Years 7 & 8, Skippers continues to offer smaller class sizes and more individualised attention, fostering a supportive learning environment conducive to academic and personal growth. Throughout Years 7 & 8 there are also lots of memorable and entertaining activities such as residentials, workshops, the colour run, house days and events, sports day, the Year 7 & 8 production, the Year 8 leavers programme, camping…the list goes on!

We are very grateful to Mr Goodyer (Head of Bede’s Senior School), Mrs Bligh (Head of Mayfield School), Karen Mack (Chair of Governors, Hurst College), Mrs Coke and Molly (Skipper’s family) for their support and time earlier this term, when they delivered an excellent presentation to current Skippers’ parents reiterating the benefits of staying in the Prep system for the senior years.

Tiffany Henry

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