“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey (1933)

Posted: 20th March 2024

In the Pre-Prep this term we have had a big focus on reflection and feedback. Encouraging the children to think about their learning and the journeys they take to reach an end goal. Recognising that some journeys may be short whereas others may be long, some may go according to plan and some may be more challenging.  In order for our children to progress they also need to learn how to reflect on their individual experiences. Not only through acknowledging their strengths ie. things they have mastered with ease, but also recognising the more challenging experiences.  By doing so they are able to identify their successes and grow in confidence, problem solve, scaffold and embed their learning. 

Kathleen Murdoch highlights that when we include deliberate reflection along a learning journey, the opportunity to improve and enhance learning is strengthened even more. 

Within the Pre-Prep Classrooms we regularly model to the children how to give feedback, both positive praise and the next steps needed to improve outcomes. We have found that by doing so the children have started to mirror the language we are using both in self assessment and peer on peer assessment. Throughout our day we regularly pause to ponder and reflect, allowing the children to evaluate where they are within their learning, embrace their own and others achievements and to talk through any tricky bits and how they have or are going to overcome these. By acknowledging others’ achievements the children are then able to broaden their own singular perspective and develop a more supportive team mentality.  This practice has highlighted that feedback from us as teachers raises confidence, improves aspirations of the children and also motivates others to apply themselves further. When receiving supportive praise from their peer group we have noticed that it often “puffs” them up even more. This again in turn encourages other children to raise their aspirations and take pride in their individual work. “It is widely recognised that our experiences shape us, and when reflective practice is part of learning, meaning and relevancy is created, which initiates growth and change.”(Dewey, 1933).


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