Years 7 and 8 Take Part in Model United Nations Workshop run by Bede’s

Posted: 19th March 2024

Pupils in the senior years have fully immersed themselves in enriching learning opportunities this term. Notably, Year 7 & 8 participated in a Model United Nations workshop run by the Humanities team at Bede’s along with a few familiar faces of past pupils who lent their support and expertise! 

The pupils delved into researching the perspectives of different countries on the proliferation of small arms. This engaging activity not only deepened their understanding of global issues but also honed their skills in research, critical thinking and public speaking; despite knowing very little about the MUN at the start of the afternoon, pupils participated in a very impressive final debate showcasing all that they had learnt! 

Year 6 pupils engaged in a similar workshop run by Bede’s earlier in the year to create a Dream City. These unique experiences not only encourage academic growth, but have also encouraged collaboration, creativity and confidence.  It was also a real delight to catch-up with former pupils eager to come back and visit Skippers! 

Helen Van Dyk

Categories: Year 5 - 8