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Pupils' Work: Years 5 to 8

Year 5 Summer Term

The children in Year 5 had a wonderful opportunity to present their work to the rest of the school during Assembly.
Before the Easter holidays the children started to analyse non-sense poems, mainly focusing on Spike Milligan’s poem Ning Nang Nong. From their love of this poem an extraordinary tropical island was created - Waga Waga wu va. The children spent nearly a term writing a range of non-sense poems, detailed character descriptions and persuasive holiday brochures.
 Quotes from the children:
“There are lots of interesting animals on Waga Waga wu va island.”
“It was an exciting time learning about waga waga wu va island.”
“Waga Waga wu va island is full of funny and amazing moments.”
“When we learnt and created Waga Waga wu va island it really came to life.”




Year 5. Autumn Term

At the end of the Autumn term, Year 5C planned and wrote explanation texts based on Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions. The children invented their own machines and came up with very creative ideas such as the Super Sink, a sink which clears the table and washes up the dishes without you lifting a finger, and the Loomatic, a toilet which walks to you and even cleans itself!  Once the children had designed their contraption and drawn a fully annotated diagram, they wrote an explanation of how the machine worked , with a focus on cohesion across paragraphs. 










Year 6

One of the main areas we cover in Key Stage 2 and 3 is vivid description in our writing. This can be in the form of prose or poetry.

Here is a sample for you to enjoy reading:

The Train Station
The  old train station smells damp like a wet sock. The man, who always sits on the white bench flecked with rust in the middle of the huge room, is smoking again; the putrid smell wafts over. The bins are overturned and the smell is horrible like mouldy sandwiches or old banana skins. It feels all hot and stuffy.

The slow old train pulls in at last and the smoking man lumbers on like a log. Dropping his cigar he hastily bends down to pick it up. I quickly jump on; I heave myself into a seat (the only one not occupied) as the ticket man walks slowly up to me. I get my ticket ready and he checks the little orange stub. His moustache twitches as though it wants to escape his face.

by Freddy G

My Wood
As I walk through my jungle-like wood I can hear the birds in the orange, mauve and burgundy trees. I can hear the stream bubbling away as it races into the field where it stops dead still: the next door neighbour’s cows gulp it all up before it can reach the other side of the lush green field.

Sometimes if you're very lucky you can see a beautiful rainbow pheasant with its young flowing right behind the colourful bird. And also, on very rare occasions, you can see a stag, white as snow, with faded grey spots all over its beautiful body, drink from the murky pond,. But they are so shy it’s very hard to see one. 

by Lizzie S

A French Reservoir
I walked through the warm, homely street, smelling freshly-baked croissants, French wine and all the other relaxing smells you could possibly imagine. There were baskets of scarlet and pink flowers, as beautiful as a sun setting over a glittering lake, dangling off the edge of the 500 year old cobblestone bridge with the outline of ruins on the horizon. The twittering of brightly coloured birds came out of a single birch tree, that cast a complete replica of itself in the still water below. As I looked off the edge of the bridge, I waved at a lonely shadow which waved back in return. As I walked to the boat called Papillon it rocked as if it was pleased to see me and wanted to be driven again. I entered. It felt as if I was as spoiled as a baby with a Bugatti Veyron. It was a pampered perfect paradise filled with jars of cookies; drawers full of sweets and so many different chocolate bars that I would spent a century naming them all. It was paradise, it really, really was. Finally… I was at home.

by Toby C


Year 7

Read some examples of the types of writing we have been covering in Year 7, below.

A Biography:


Writing to advise:

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