Sarah Davis

What led you to teaching?
I have always wanted to be a teacher and used to line up my teddy bears so I could take the register and I loved to read to them! 

What inspires you and what you do?
I like to challenge the children to question everything, not just believe what other people tell them but to look for evidence or to prove it for themselves. Quite often an opposing view might also be suggested to be true so let’s investigate. 

What do you love most about Skippers? 
 I love seeing the children grow and change, not just from being small to being tall, but also in confidence and with their talents. I also love seeing the smaller children and the taller children learning, talking and playing together.  

What is different about teaching at Skippers?
Skippers loves individuality! We don’t want everyone to be the same; we want individuals. It is a place to try out new skills, new learning, new talents and a place where everyone in the community knows that we support them and are routing for them!