Frances Plummer

What do you enjoy about your role?
I love connecting with people and talking about Skippers whether it’s to our current parents, our alumni or those who are visiting the school for the first time. My job is very varied which I really enjoy and I’m always working with different people across the school as well as the parent community.
My four children came to the school and when the youngest was about to leave, I couldn’t bear the thought of not coming to Skippers so asked for a job and have now worked here for over 12 years!
Working here I’ve been encouraged to try new things and believe in myself more! I thought I’d be hopeless at doing all the social media but actually I really enjoy doing it.

What do you love most about Skippers?
There is an amazing energy in the school that makes me want to come in each day and puts a smile on my face. It’s not just being around the children that makes me feel happy, all the staff are incredibly supportive of one another too and there is a wonderful sense of camaraderie between us.
Skippers is like an extension of my family so it makes it easy for me to feel so passionately about it.
It was the amazing view and the opportunity for the children to be able to try new things and be themselves that sold the school to me  when I looked around as a parent moving down from London 25 years ago.  It’s not only our children who have made lifelong friends from Skippers, we have too.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself
I’ve written a diary every day for the last 25 years.
I jumped out of an aeroplane at 12,000 feet – mad!