Michelle Rocchiccioli

What led you to teaching?
After many years volunteering at my daughters’ schools I recognised the importance of nurturing children to support their wellbeing and development. I feel that when children feel safe and valued in the classroom the best outcomes for their learning experience can be achieved and that is what led me to become a teaching assistant.

What inspires you and what you do?
The  wonder and excitement that children have when looking at the world around them is fascinating and to have the opportunity to see things through their eyes is a privilege and inspiring in itself. . To be able to facilitate their curiosity and support them to foster a love of learning is what I see as the reward of my role as a teaching assistant in Reception class particularly.

What do you love most about Skippers?
Skippers nurtures and promotes a whole school approach and as a result a family feeling. The children are supported to feel part of this bigger family, with natural interaction encouraged throughout the school, where you see children engaging with each other from Kindergarten to Year 8, and I think that’s very important to generate a sense of belonging. I love that about Skippers.

Who was your most inspirational or influential teacher?
My most inspirational teacher was Mrs Unwin.  She was my first primary school teacher; very calm and caring, always fun and incredibly encouraging. Her belief in the children in her care helped set a solid foundation to my attitude towards school and learning.  I met her many times throughout my life, and she never changed, she  remembered us all over the years.