Lilly Bird

What led you to teaching?

I am very lucky to have three wonderful, younger siblings and watching them grow and learn has been so special to me. This was when I realised that I’d love to play a role in the children’s journey through school, by supporting them to be happy and excited to learn at school every day! The wonder in the children’s eyes when exploring something new is like magic and that’s why I enjoy teaching so much.

What inspires you and what you do?

The children are my inspiration. They are amazing in so many ways and make us all so proud. Seeing how hard the children work when learning is the biggest inspiration you could ever wish for. Their smiles and laughter inspire me to be the best teacher and support that I can.

What do you love most about Skippers?

What I love most about Skippers is the friendly, warm buzz you feel as soon as you walk through the door. It is a magical place to work, with learning and exploring going on in every corner. Whether you are in your classroom, playground, or even the woods, you can always hear laughter and fun being had wherever you go!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy seeing my Great-Grandfather. He is almost 100 years old and the most interesting person I know! Floristry and gardening are a huge interest to us both and something we enjoy doing together. I became a qualified florist in 2022 and have worked on big weddings and events.