Dominic Jones

What led you to teaching?

Since being in secondary school I have always been involved in teaching and coaching young people. Not a lot changed as I progressed through university, I continued to teach and coach and was unsure what avenue I wanted to take. When I was working in primary school I decided that it was teaching I was most passionate about.

What inspires you and what you do?

My biggest inspiration has not changed since I first started and that’s to see children enjoying being active. For me, it’s all about giving children the tools they need to become successful learners. For example, overcoming challenges, being resilient, working with others and most importantly understanding why being active is so beneficial.

What do you love most about Skippers? 

Since starting at Skippers I have really enjoyed teaching all the different year groups and seeing how enthusiastic all the children are. I feel that every child is valued and this sets the groundwork for the children being so positive to learning.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

In 2012 I hiked to Everest base camp and was a Games Maker at the London Olympics.