Clare Hartley

What led you to teaching?
I decided I wanted to get into teaching during my year aboard at university where I had an office job at Airbus in Toulouse. Although I met some great friends there (and the lunches were amazing) I knew an office based job wasn’t for me. I wanted a working environment that was colourful and creative, where I could help others. Bingo- teaching!

What inspires you and what you do?
Great primary school teachers inspire me- they can handle most things. From planning and delivering engaging lessons, to forming positive relations with their class, having a wide knowledge on a multiple of subjects …. the list is endless, whilst constantly reviewing and developing their practice to ensure that children are learning. Multi-skilled!

What do you love most about Skippers?
What I love about Skippers is the warm, homely atmosphere. Everybody gets on so well! It is a wonderful school to be a part of.

Who was your most inspirational or influential teacher?
My most inspirational teacher was Mr Plant, my French teacher. He had a cheeky sense of humour and made us laugh. He’d chant verb endings in a silly, rhythmic voice and talked a lot about his parrot, Nelson!