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Thank you

Posted: 15th May 2020 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

It has been a real pleasure meeting with a whole range of parents from across the school via video conferencing this week and listening to the different perspectives on how you and your children have been finding the experience of remote learning. I have been struck by how incredibly supportive you are of the school and the efforts that are being made to deliver an ongoing education for the children, within the constraints and challenges that we all face at the moment. Overwhelmingly, parents wanted me to pass on my thanks to the staff and it is my pleasure to do so: thank you!

Your feedback has also been invaluable in enabling us to reflect on how we can continue to evolve and improve the offer and ensure that we cater for each individual as best we can. I look forward to sharing this with staff next week.

As we move forward in a changing educational landscape, we will continue to listen and to work hard to deliver a model of learning that enables all in our community to learn safely and happily.

Thank you to you as parents and carers as well - you have been forced into a world where the role of teacher and parent has become blurred and I recognise that this brings a whole new set of challenges. Well done and keep it up!

Best wishes,

Mark Hammond.

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