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Reception Class Work

What we love doing in Reception

The children recently wrote down what they love doing most. Here are a few examples of what they wrote:


Rainforests Around the World

Reception have been learning about the Rainforests around the world, with a focus on the Amazon.

The children have loved creating leaves, flowers, vines and parrots (with colourful feathers!) which, along with the butterflies, have transformed our classroom into the rainforest, complete with a jungle hut the children love to make-believe in!

We have collected sticks from the grounds and painted them to make stick insects and we have compared and contrasted rainforest animals with the native British fauna we have been searching for in our school woodland in the glorious sunny weather we have had since term began.

The children's skill at reading is developing apace and they are enthusiastically reading through the non-fiction and fiction rainforest books we have for them to explore.

Following our cross-curricular approach, the children have written rainforest poems to develop their use of rhyming words, they have learned and written about the lifecycle of a butterfly and have been introduced to symmetry when creating painted butterflies.

Miss Hemsley says, "Well done to all the Reception children for your super Rainforest learning!"

Creating 2D and 3D pictures

The Reception children worked individually, in pairs or in a small group to create a 2D or 3D picture using natural materials they had found in situ in the school grounds.

They were all very inspired by our Rainforest topic, saying, "Let's build a rainforest!", and then placing twigs into the ground and adding grasses and leaves on top as the canopy of their 3D rainforest.

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