Our Vision, Mission and Values

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Happy, grounded and rounded - now and for the future.

Skippers Promise

Participate and achieve in all aspects of school life, becoming a well-rounded and confident individual.

Become an effective learner who takes pride in their achievements, facing and overcoming challenges.

Develop courage and independence, demonstrating ownership of their learning and the school.

Be healthy, happy and know how to stay safe.

Be inclusive, tolerant and fair-minded, valuing the importance of relationships with others.

Strategic Approach

  • We will ensure that teachers are developed effectively so that the school combines the best of tradition with the latest approaches, ensuring that every lesson excites and engages.
  • Innovation is welcome and both children and teachers are able to blossom, developing within the 21st Century Skills Framework as future global citizens.
  • We build character and well-being for each individual, within an environment that esteems achievement.
  • We provide opportunities for risk taking in a supportive environment, utilising our enchanting setting, investing in quality facilities and current technologies. Freedom of thought and action is encouraged in the grounds and in the children’s learning.
  • We involve families in their children’s education through providing a window on learning and promote partnership with families.

2019-2021 Priorities


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21st Century Citiizens

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Healthy minds and Bodies

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