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Our History

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Founded in 1945 by JR Ward and his wife Maureen, Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School was a boarding school for boys. JR and Maureen Ward ran a busy boarding school with pupils from all over the world, providing an excellent home and education to generations of boys, and later girls as well.

There are two commonly held theories as to where the school's name came from, the first being that the rarely seen Skipper butterfly was once common in the immediate vicinity.

Another theory was advanced by the famous English polymath CB Fry, who represented his country at both football and cricket, and who lived at Skippers Hill Manor.

His family discovered the underground tunnels previously used as safe-deposits by smugglers and their "Skippers". This theory seems more credible, as this area was known to be a centre for the illicit exporting of wool to France and Holland during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the equally illegal importing of tea, spirits, tobacco and silk. During that period, smugglers transported their cargo along forest tracks and river valleys to the many inland distribution centres at the heads of the rivers. Skippers Hill, near the headwaters of the Ouse and the Rother, was one such centre.


Bellevue Education is committed to excellence in education. Each Bellevue school is run independently but shares the same values: we believe in broad curricula delivered in innovative ways that excite and engage children; we believe in investment - in teachers, buildings, and technology; and we believe that exceptional results should be a by-product of the education that we offer, not the exclusive focus.

We recruit the best teachers and head teachers and make sure that they are fully supported with innovative resources, shared best practice and focused training. We involve parents in their children's education with not only regular meetings and written reports, but also with head teacher blogs, email newsletters and even text messages alerting parents to sports fixtures. Most importantly, we treat every child as an individual with their own unique set of talents.

Bellevue pupils are encouraged to aim high, and we provide them with everything they need to succeed.

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Skippers Hill is a successful East Sussex independent day school, educating around 155 pupils aged between 3-13 years, with traditional values that enthuse, engage and empower pupils to reach their full potential

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