Matthew Minister

What led you to teaching?

A combination of factors! An upbringing where education and child welfare was always being discussed, inspirational Maths and PE teachers in my own education and then finally a desire to help others succeed. The influence of sport on my teaching has been huge as well – I feel that I have learnt so much about teamwork and communication through hockey and other sports.

What inspires you and what you do?

A passion to better myself. As with many children, and indeed adults, there are some things that do not come naturally. I have worked hard to demonstrate to myself that I can be successful and I believe that this has allowed me to develop a good understanding of working with children. I enjoy puzzles, quizzes and reading so merging all of these and trying to look at ideas from a different perspective allows me to approach ideas and concepts from a different angle to encourage conversations.

What do you love most about Skippers?

The variety. So many things happen here which give the children a really diverse view of the world. At Skippers, as with many schools, no two days are the same so as much as you plan for everything there will always be something to keep you on your toes.

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be?

A carpenter but if you were to inspect some of my creations some people may question this decision. I enjoy the practicalities of woodwork and carpentry – planning, building and rebuilding. It is something where accuracy is important but versatility is also needed too! I also think that the practical learning approach taken to allow people to access the skills required would suit me and I think that is also reflected in how I work with children at times. Trial and error at times, followed by a need for precision.