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Star Awards January 26th - February 12th

Posted: 10th February 2021


Phoebe Green Y4

For her engagement, enthusiasm and motivation in all her lessons. 

Oscar Clarke Y4

For his engagement, enthusiasm and motivation in all lessons.

Phoebe Green Y4

For excellent engagement with online learning, working from school. Always coming into school with a smile and becoming very independent. 

Year 5 

For working in groups to create different questions for our Friday class quiz. It was a fun way to start the day

Oliver Clay Y5 Head Master's Distinction

For receiving a Blue Peter Badge for his poem Lockdown Boy

Henry Wearne Y5

Henry has been learning to play the piano during this lockdown and performed a beautiful piece of music for the class during Form Time. I cannot believe he has only been playing for a few months! 

Flo Shipley Y6

Henrietta Lee Y6

Chace Marten Y6

Alex Larner Y6

For their excellent Pen Pal letters. They wrote heart-warming letters to their Pen Pals and I am so very proud of them. HB

Jac Haurie-Pelleg & Alex Cunningham Y8

Excellent independent work on comprehension.

Jac added links and comparisons to other texts he knew.

Alex made a great effort to extend his answers and add as much information as possible.

Alfie Johnston Y8

Participating in all form tasks, and lessons, with such enthusiasm! Alfie is always smiling!

Oliver Carver Y6

For putting extra effort into his debate writing and producing a persuasive piece of writing. 

Freddie Easter Y6

Freddie had lots of commitments at the end of the week, but he still managed to finish his penpal letter! Well done Freddie

Marla Walker Rhymes and Maddie Clover Y6

Marla and Maddie have been working on a mammoth quiz for the class! It has been tricky to organise but they are running it really well. 

Daisy Basset Y8

Alfie Johnson Y8 

Alfie Burton Y8

For a very positive attitude to online learning in science and always attending the  lessons with a smile.  

Molly Jones Y8

For huge resilience with her online learning in science and not giving up when faced with challenges.  

Mia Taylor  Y8

For a very positive and mature attitude to her online learning in science.   

Nancy N Y8

For being polite and respectful during online lessons.  

Monty Hughes Phillips Y8

For a very positive attitude in online lessons and a great improvement in his involvement in discussions.  


Nick Beech Y8

Excellent participation and discussion during our Votes for Schools session, and an all-round positive and mature attitude to our online learning.

Darcy Dumas  Y7

Excellent progress and focus on punctuating sentences independently in her creative writing. HVD

Hattie Tovey Y7 

Wonderful attention to detail when punctuating direct speech.

Grace Clark Y7

Wonderful attention to detail when punctuating direct speech.

Aadi Snayal  Y4

For always completing her work to the very best of her ability. 

Beth Hazan  Y4 

For always being positive, enthusiastic and kind. 

Gabby Y5CJ

Amazing feedback and discussion during guided reading

Rufus Makhouli Y5CJ

For engaging fully in guided reading and wanting to share humorous poems.

Paul-Andre Y5CJ Head Master's Distinction

Instead of games he has been in his garden designing, buying and building his own house.

Mattie Slaney Y5CJ

For being polite and respectful during online lessons.

Rosa Jones Y5CJ

For her engagement and great effort all week

Oliver Morely Y6

For his book review on The Danger Gang!

Oliver Carver Y6

For writing and posting his review of Harry P and the Goblet of Fire. 

Flossie, Issie, Lottie Y6 

For their videos of their book reviews which were hugely enjoyable to watch. 

Keira Spratt Y6

For leading the class in a drawing activity using the word Wolf. 

Lizzie Firebrace Y6

For a brilliant book review on flip grid of One of Us is Lying

Marla Walker Rhymes Y6

For her book review with Monty her dog, on 44 Tiny Secrets.


Woody Johnson Y6

For a thorough slide show on the book Kay’s Anatomy. Woody is also shared his favourite facts and posting his review so others could read it. 

Matilda Y6

For writing and posting her Lily Alone book report so others could read it.

Oliver Mitchell Y6

For a thorough book review and slide show of The Kane Chronicles.

Molly Coke Y6 Head Master's Distinction

For Resilience in her Stop animation, flipgrid and slides of Harry Potter, 

Archie Whittaker Y1

For consistent effort and engagement in all his super writing!

Carlo Principato Y1

For creating a ‘Book of Love and Kindness’ and having the idea to make a TV news programme about kindness.  The world needs more ideas like these!

Hetty Roddis Y1 Head Master's Distinciton

For her independent, well researched and beautifully presented Space Project! LH

Rachel Richardson Y2

For showing such positivity and confidence with her learning.

Poppy Abel Y2

For an excellent attitude towards her work and really impressing me with her understanding of time in maths! 

Poppy  Tamine Y3

Excellent Egyptain setting description using adjectives and adverbs  

Elena Principato Y3

Excellent Egyptain Drawings - natural talent for art - extra independent work!

Tom Williams Y3

Excellent engagement this week - especially in Maths using new methods to help us multiply and divide. 


All of Year 3 Head Master's Distinction

Ancient Egyptain Stories

Robin Clover Y3

Engaging well with online learning. Working hard particularly in Maths and in small group work.  

Molly Battey Y3. 

Excellent English write up! A reflection of off line day and using watercolours to paint her pictures. And for being a great Hamster mummy! (she got a pet hamster!)

Rory Jarvis Head Master's Disitnction

For amazing focus, independence and problem solving when engineering his lego Wedo Model.

William Cook Y2

For an excellent performance of his poetry reading where he performed the Great Fire of London with excellent actions and expression

Oscar Y2

For a wonderful and creative acrostic poem!

Lucie Y2

For also being so bright, bubbly and polite on our class meetings and for doing some excellent reading with Miss Page

Mia Y1

For her well-considered and well-presented Winter Collage!

Max Y1

For using such wonderfully descriptive language in his Wintery Poem!

Gwyn Y1

For using such wonderfully descriptive language in his Wintery Poem!

Poppy Armistead Rec

For her positive approach to learning 

Jacob, James, Phoebe, Emily, Freddie, Catherine Rec

For working really hard in live English sessions. 

They have been adapting the Gruffalo story, they have added in new characters and are currently in the process of writing their first story!

Freddie D, Rufus, Mason, Henry, Evie, Max Y5

For briliiant work and attitude during off screen day

Nell Harvey Y5

For completing successfully guided reading tasks

Amber Y5

For improving her English monologue writing

Daniel P, Betsy, Freddie H, Oliver Clay, Rufus, Evie Y5

For great Loom videos in French, with lovely pronunciation of things to buy in the market (ready for when we can go to France again!).  

Flo Shipley Y6

Brilliant photos and facts on her science HUMAN BODY Slide show.

Oliver Mitchell Y6

Lottie Hinton Y6

For taking on and evidencing a range of off-screen activities on Thursday.

All of Year 7

For super engagement in all the tasks and activities in their double science lesson!  It is not easy to focus remotely on one subject for two consecutive lessons, and Year 7 do it with good humour and positivity.  (I think the scavenger hunt and bingo probably helped!)  

All of year 7

Whole of year 7 for brilliant planning by using and adapting my examples - all really well done but special mention to Grace Hazan for her creativity and variety, Jake W for his resilience and effort and Esme for her positivity (in every lesson) and variety of vocabulary.

Max Tovey Y8

For a  huge improvement in his engagement in online learning and independently catching up on missed work and posting it on Classroom by the deadline agreed.KR

Alfie Johnson Y8

for resilience and determination in French - well done for keeping up the effort on Friday afternoon to write a great essay plan!

James Winall Y4

For his dedication and motivation in completing Lexia levels.

Jacob David Y4

Engagement and enthusiasm in all lessons.

Ben Abell Y4

Engagement in his lessons.

Tommy Sun Y3

Reaching level 6 in his Lexia programme 

Arun Thomas Perkins Y3

Reaching level 9 in his Lexia programme 

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