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Star Awards - 21st April - May 7th

Posted: 5th May 2021


Teddy Goodall Rec

For settling in really well in his first week at Skippers! A great start Teddy. 

Poppy Armistead Rec

For her hard work in phonics this week, working independently on the different sounds covered. 

Phoebe Spearink Rec Headmaster's Distinciton

For consistently demonstrating a fantastic work ethic with anything she does. The work she turns in is always beautifully presented, she wrote a poem and a story independently focusing on her handwriting and sentences - and they both were brilliant. Over the Easter holidays she wrote a fantastic diary detailing what she did each day. She takes real pride in her work which is lovely to see. 

Molly Battey Y3

Excellent work in Science - learning by heart the 7 life processes’ taught. MRS GREN. 

Robin Clover Y3

Excellent work in Guided reading. Working hard on the independent task and asking to read extra in the reading session. 

Artemis CrosthwaiteY3

Miss Barnett has been really grateful for Artemis doing lots of jobs to help such as clearing tables when in lunch

Roti AkinwonmiY2

For having such a super first week at Skippers! She has settled in so well and already feels like part of our team

Dilan Y2

For writing a fantastic and descriptive Pangram using every letter of the alphabet! 


Lydia Linaker  Y7 Headmaster's Distinction

Lydia took second place in poetry reading at East Grinstead festival of Speech and Drama.

Kiki Akinwonmi Y5

For being adaptable and settling in to her new life in Skippers brilliantly.

Rosa Jones Y5

For being positive in English in her approach to poetry.

Freddie Donelan Y5

For being engaged during English.

Daniel Pharoah Y5

For being resilient in maths with multiplication.

Charlotte Mitchell  Y4

For a positive start to year 4. 

Eloise Cox Y4

For a positive start to year 4. 

Theo Bhatia-Cox Y4

Being engaged and self disciplined in lessons. 


Mia Sostrom Y4

For being curious and enthusiastic in all subjects. 


James Hansen Y3

Engaged, Patient and Detailed - Sketch of a flower


Artemis Crosthwaite Y3


Excellent poem and poster all about Fair Trade!!

Poppy Abel Y2

For focusing so hard on her handwriting and applying her lovely cursive letter formation in her English work!

Florence Hedges Y2

For having such a positive mindset when learning a new method in Maths! She was able to independently add and subtract a 2-digit number from a 3-digit number using partitioning

Izzy Humphries Y5

For overcoming her fears and attempting every activity with positivity.

Archie Pahl Y5

For overcoming his fears and attempting every activity with positivity.

Harrison Keown Y5

For outstanding behaviour all week at PGL

Alfie Slaney Y8

Alfie has put in a huge amount of work on his French writing in preparation for his mocks and the effort has really paid off.  He is really self-disciplined about learning his verbs, which is extra impressive!

Alice Clay Y8

Alice has improved unrecognisably since her last assessed piece in lockdown: she has really worked on her active vocabulary and has taken on board all suggestions for improving her work.  

6SD maths group, 

Chace, Cas, Will, Alfie, G, Flo, Hen, Marla, Maddie Y6

All this group should be super proud of themselves for their work over the last two weeks. They have smashed their times tables targets and focused on their classwork brilliantly. Well done all!

All of Y6

There are 206 bones in the adult body and the Year 6’s know almost all of them! Everyone in the year group got well over 60% with some people getting 100%. It was a brilliant effort from everyone!

Lottie Hinton Y6

For being consistently well-prepared, self-disciplined and engaged in form time

Charlotte Mitchell Y4

For always being engaged, motivated and hard working and producing work of an excellent standard. 

Martha Bootland Y4

For always concentrating and working really hard in every lesson. 

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