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Star Awards 1st -

Posted: 9th May 2018


Eleanor Graham Y6

Showing resilience when writing her prediction for the exercise investigation

Harriet Walker Y6

For showing great reswilsiance in writing an outstanding prediction for the exercise investigation

Martha Hall Y6

For showing resilience when writing her conclusion in the exercise investigation

Eloise Cox Y1

For a fantastic recount of her weekend using all of her connectives

Ben Abell Y1

For an accurate map drawing of the school grounds and for brilliant maths

Max Tovey Y5

For excellent focus on his non fiction writing

Vincent Martin Y4

For showing resilience and a positive attitude in class

Eloise Tamine Y4

For participating well in all lessons and settling into Skippers quickly

Year 6

For planning, drafting, editing, and delivering excellent speeches

Toby Gray Y4

For excellent effort with his homework

Annabel Wilcocks Y5

For her excellent prep on colons and semicolons

Lizzie Price Y5

For her excellent prep on colons and semi colons


Isabella Pharoah Y6

A brilliant story in Creative Writing Club

Harry Mercer Y6

For beautiful handwriting and wonderful detail in his written work

Martha Lillicrap Y6

Martha has tried so very hard to improve her handwriting. Her recent work has been beautifully presented with wonderful detail.

Hugo Willcocks Y7

For a brilliant performance of Lysander for study of Shakespeare

Emma Jane Murrin Y4

For fantastic participation in class

Hattie Tovey Y4

For being super helpful in the classroom

Nina Bhatia Cox Y1

For working as part of a team to solve money problems

Toby Gerada Y1

For using fantastic adjectives to describe. Also for using cursive handwriting

Kiya Mehta Y2

For excellent focus when learning about time in Maths

Freddie Hancox Y2

For excellent focus when learning about time in Maths

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