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Star Awards 11th May - 25th May

Posted: 28th May 2021


Charlotte Mitchell Y4

For always being engaged, motivated and hard working and producing work of an excellent standard. 

Martha Bootland  Y4 

For always concentrating and working really hard in every lesson. 

Amber Bassett Y5

For ignoring distractions during English

Nell Harvey Y5

For being reflective during English to develop her narrative  poetry

Oliver Clay Y5

For being curious about his narrative poem and asking appropriate questions.

Freddie Hancox Y5

For being pleased with his progress and showing confidence.

Seb Falconer Rec

For fantastic work all round, he works so hard with everything he does, and is extremely conscientious with what he does and how he behaves. 

Emily Joubert Rec

For fantastic phonics, her fluency in reading is superb! 

Milly Goodall Y2

For a fantastic fact file of the reptiles we learnt about in our workshop with Frazoo. She wrote lovely, descriptive sentences with lots of interesting facts!

Alice Winall Y2

For working so hard with her maths this week and gaining confidence with adding and subtracting using the partitioning method

Lucie Leggett Y3

For showing independence. Lucie has produced excellent work across the curriculum. 

Harrison Colliver Y3

For excellent engagement across the curriculum especially in English

Max Coke Y1

For being a reflective learner in English and asking questions to further his understanding of the class text 

Mia Van Dyk Y1

For showing confidence at the start of every lesson and curiosity in science as well as being extremely helpful in the classroom

Beth Hazan y4

For always challenging herself in her work.

James Winall Y4

For his concentration and focus in lessons.

Mattie Slaney Y5

For being adaptable during her learning and trying different techniques

Gabby Stephenson Y5.  Headmster's Distinction

For being positive about her editing in poetry and writing an amazing narrative poem.

Rufus Makhouli Y5

For being reflective about improving his narrative poem

Mason Colliver Y5

For trying new and different techniques for division.

Paul-Andre Taylor Y5

For accepting that when he sits on his own he is less distracted and his work improves.

Marni Southerden  Y1

For being a kind and supportive learning partner

Billy Rollason  Y1

For being an excellent listener and a good friend 

Jacob Rec

For fantastic writing about the Ladybird that Heard - clearly thinking about his capital letters, phonics sounds and full stop!

Catherine Rec

For brilliant work in writing, very clear sentences using her phonic sounds and beautiful handwriting. 

Emily Joubert Rec Headmaster's Distinction

Always eager to complete her independent learning, tries all activities in the classroom every day - will always support her friends with their learning and she has made brilliant progress in her reading, writing and maths. 


Oscar Y2

Always completes his activities so positively and he always wows me with his determination.

Georgia Y2

Focusing so hard in lessons this week and for working so hard with her cursive handwriting!      

Arun Thomas Perkins Y3

For an excellent diary entry - competing the challenge too


Tom WIlliams Y3

For an excellent diary entry - competing the challenge too 

Amaia Carroll Y4

For always contributing positively in lessons.

Oscar Clarke Y4

For his excellent storyboard on King Arthur.


Ted Burke Y8

For a fantastic difference in the quality of his persuasive writing. His book is also beautifully presented. Well done! HVD

Cameron MacKenzie Y8

For working as a team to write and present a compelling persuasive argument in VfS about how the High Street can recover after Covid19. HVD

Alex Cunningham Y8

For working as a team to write and present a compelling persuasive argument in VfS about how the High Street can recover after Covid19. HVD

Jac Haurie-Pelleg Y8

For working as a team to write and present a compelling persuasive argument in VfS about how the High Street can recover after Covid19. HVD

Lydia Linaker y7

For her enthusiasm and participation in our recent English lessons analysing character and writing an emotive persuasive speech based on Roald Dahl’s short story, Lamb to the Slaughter. HVD

Gwyn Owen- Powell Y1

For his positive attitude towards school life and kindness towards others 

Lily Coulstock Y1

For trying her best when reading independently, with Amy and with Miss Michie

James Golden Rec

For being so enthusiastic when writing about bugs! Even writing his own bug fact book independently. 

Gabby Comerford Rec

For working really hard on her phonics, recognising the correct letter to its sound, and beginning to do this more and more in her independent writing. 

William Cook Y2

For having a really positive attitude at school and choosing to tackle his work independently. 

Rachel Y2

For always being so polite and kind in class and also for being such a hard worker in all lessons. 

Liberty Russell Y3

Excellent engagement and progress over the last two weeks when learning to tell the time

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