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Celebration Assembly - 24/01/17

Posted: 28th February 2017

Date of Assembly - 24/01/17

Rec  Darcy Caldwell and Anjali Bhatia Cox for their kindness and sharing.        
Year 1  Sophia Colley for a really interesting piece of writing with super spelling.    
Harrison Battey for writing a really interesting newspaper report about Captain Scott.
Year 2  Lizzie Firebrace for settling into Y2 and participating in lessons so well.
Max Forbes for settling into Y2 so well and being enthusiastic in lessons.
Molly Coke for settling into Y2 and engaging in lessons so well.
Year 3  Jonny Firebrace for excellent effort in lessons and settling into Skippers so well.
Jake Williams for excellent English work.
Freya Davis for fantastic progress in English    
Year 4  Milly O’Connell for making a super start at Skippers
Lizzie Price for writing a fantastic letter to the Iron Man
Cameron MacKenzie for excellent participation during discussions in English Lessons
Tom Williamson for settling in very well and producing some excellent work.
Molly Jones for always being helpful, especially after prep tea.
Year 5  Max Williams for his enthusiasm and effort in English.
Martha Lillicrap for her enthusiasm and effort in English    
Year 6 Nidal Nasseraldeen for his delightful manners.  

Sports Person of the Week 
Nathan Wood for playing with exceptional courage and skill in a
Contact rugby match.        

Team of the Week
Year 3 Netball team for playing with such determination against a Y3&4 mixed team.        
Mathematician of the Week
Mr Minister’s Y4 Maths group for being resilient when faced with a
particularly tricky homework!
Other Celebrations 

Congratulations to Matthew Bennett, Guthrie Fullagar, Sarah Grose and Ruby Hall (Y7) for completing the Bede’s Galactic Challenge.
Suzie Dixon (Y5) for passing her Grade 2 Singing
Tilly Chapman (Y5) for passing her Grade 1 Singing with Merit
Alex Cunningham (Y4) for passing his Grade 1 Singing
Molly Holbrook (Y7) received an award for making progress at Beacon Swimming Club. 

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