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Celebration Assembly 20th September 2016

Posted: 28th September 2016

Rec  Zuriel Adelaja for very good listening and helping in Reception
Ramona Harvey for super sound work and blending in Reception
Year 1 Archie Pahl for making a huge effort to label his picture in Science on his own.
Betsy Abell for trying really hard to write more sentences.
Year 2  Alfie Duncan for remaining cheerful despite having a cast on his foot.
Matilda Stock for always being helpful in the classroom and kind to others
Year 3  Zoey Wood and Willoughby Gerada for excellent History work on Skara Brae
Year 4  Freddie Lee for his effort and enthusiasm in class
Molly Jones for her excellent effort in English and producing very neat handwriting.
Annabelle Groves-Gidney for her super effort in class and with homework.
Year 5 Suzie Dixon for excellent English work throughout the week.
Sam Williams for excellent work in English
Year 6 Florence Aherne for writing excellent dialogue in her English story.
Year 8 Matthew Bennett for producing an excellent piece of extra work in Science

French Speaker of the Week

Toby Clarke and Lizzie Sturgess (Y7) for making an effort
 to speak French in France.

Sports Person of the Week        

Zoey Wood (Y4) for an excellent performance during
hockey in Games and matches

Mathematician of the Week         

Molly Jones (Y4) for excellent work explaining her calculations.
Sarah Davies (Y4) for brilliant explanations in Maths and
great understanding of place value.

Other Celebrations            
Pippa (Y3) and Henry Nunn (Y1) for winning Blue Peter badges. They both made a collage of the Blue Peter.     
Rosa Brown (Y2) for winning 5 rosettes at Pony Camp.

Freddie Lee (Y4) for competing in a Triathlon for 8-11 year olds. Freddie finished 66th out of 500 competitors.

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