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Years 5 & 6 enjoy Spanish Day

Posted: 12th November 2014 | Category: Year 5, Year 6

Years 5 & 6 enjoyed an action-packed morning  of Spanish Games and also spent time in the Spanish Cafe. For this activity, the children learnt about Spanish food and drink and were asked to create their own menus.

They then practised words and phrases for different foods and ordering food in Spanish, before serving and ordering tapas and lemonade-Sangria, in the Spanish Cafe.

Ella in Year 5, said: “This morning we have made menus and learnt some new words in Spanish. We also got to taste some Spanish food in the Spanish cafe. I think Spanish Day is really good fun, especially as we have been able to dress up.”

Eve in Year 6, said: “My favourite thing has been the Spanish tapas. At the Spanish cafe we had to speak Spanish and ask for food and drink. I think Spanish Day is a really good idea. It gets us all speaking Spanish and thinking about other countries.”

In the afternoon, Years 5 & 6 enjoyed a Music lesson with Mrs Holleyman, where they learnt to sing “Sing a Cha Cha” and the Spanish song “La Bamba”.

To end the day, Years 5 & 6 took part in their Salsa lesson with Salsa Magic and decorated sombreros and mosaic designs, in Art.

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