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Year One visit Bodiam Castle

Posted: 6th May 2015 | Category: Year 1

On the 28th of April, Year One went on a school trip to Bodiam Castle. This was to revise work from last term's topic, 'Fairy Tales & Castles'

Bodiam Castle is so picturesque and holds so much exciting history to be explored!
We were  met by one of Bodiam's Educational leaders. She was dressed in Castle attire and holding the large key to the castle door.
One of the first things she asked the children to do was to hold onto a bit of the key. They all counted;
one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred.... and were transported back that number of years in time!!
The children were then all appointed different roles. These included being Lord Edward, Lady Elizabeth, candle holders, guests and the key holder.
The candle holders then led the way across the drawbridge, under the portcullis and into a room to prepare for a castle feast!
Inside the room each child was given a castle costume to wear. They then gathered around the table to learn about the different foods served in the Great Hall. The children were particularly surprised to hear about Blackbird pie and the fact that they had no potatoes at Bodiam Castle 600 years ago!
After the feast had been acted out the children were given an  instrument each from castle times. They took their instruments outside and once they had practised they  entertained onlookers with their playing and dancing!
The children then met two other ladies dressed up in castle clothes. They watched them do a special kind of weaving to make things like belts and blankets. Here we also learnt  that people had no pockets on their clothes during castle times.
After holding onto the key and counting ourselves back to the present day our workshop then came to an end.
We enjoyed a leisurely walk back around the moat. Along the way the children loved spotting all the features of a castle we had learnt about last term. They also enjoyed eating lunch in the castle grounds.
The photos should really show you what a super time we had.

Thank you to all the helpers who came on the trip with us. Your support was greatly appreciated!

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