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Year 8 Guest Blog - 19th October 2012

Posted: 16th November 2012 | Category: Year 8

Year 8 have been looking into the structure of narrative writing in their English lessons.  They have also looked into a variety of texts where Direct Speech is used to heighten the action. 

The children were asked to produce an extended story that exhibited a strong structure, incorporated Direct Speech and entertained the audience.

They were given the title:  "A Day in the Life of....".  The original ideas that emanated from this exercise were outstanding!

Emily has shared her story, ‘A Day in the Life of My Cat Charlie’.

A Day in the Life of my Cat Charlie

As I awake, I stretch out my stiff paws and let out a big yawn.  I leap out of my warm bed and go up -stairs to see if my owners are ready to feed me.  I bob up the high stairs and casually stroll into Lucie and Matthew’s bedroom.  I jump up on the bed and rub up against Matthew’s arm with a loud purr.

“Get off me!” shouts Matthew.  “You’re not getting fed so scram!” and with that he shoves me off the bed and goes back to sleep.

I’ve been waiting here for my food for ages! I’m starving! Why won’t they get up, lazy humans?  I start to stare longingly out the window, when a bird lands on the grass. Suddenly something inside me clicks and I have a plan.

I’ll hunt down the bird and give it as a present to Matthew and then he’ll be so happy that he’ll feed me!

The plan is purrr-fect!

I quickly exit through the cat flap. I look up and my eyes meet his... my evil brother, Bugsy.

“Grr!” that fat cat hissed. “What you up to? Going to see your girlfriend are we?”

“Shut it, fatty! That was one time and it was only because she gave me some Catnip! So shut it!”I hiss back while I scratch his big, fluffy face.

I dash around the corner to find not one bird but two! Looks like I’ll be getting Bugsy’s food as well! I walk up the steps and through the long grass, unseen by the birds. I hunker down into my hunting position: Legs down, head down, ears flat, tail down and belly down (not that I have one!)

The bird is locked in my vision. I bare my fangs and ready my claws for the pounce. Then I strike and in seconds the bird is mine! I pin the bird down and lock my fangs around the bird’s neck and in minutes it’s dead.

I run up the stairs and zoom straight into Matthew’s room. He looks down at me and I look up at him with the dead bird dangling from my jaw. I drop it in front of him and start meowing.

“Get that thing out of my house!” he yells picking me up. He runs downstairs and throws me out the door and locks the cat flap. I‘m still meowing and I begin to scratch the door. Matthew then feeds Bugsy! “What? Where’s my food?”  Bugsy begins to stuff his fat face with food and then looks up at me with his evil, green eyes.

“Please give me some food!” I ask Bugsy.

“No! It’s all mine!” he answers then he sticks his rough tongue out at me.

10:00 AM
I have an Idea of how I can get in the house.

I walk around the front of the house and look up at Lucie and Matthew’s window, which is open. I can climb up the ivy on the side of the house and pull myself though the window. The only thing standing in my way is the house which is 18 feet high!

I begin to climb, my claws hanging onto the thick ivy.

“Don’t be scared! it’s only 18 feet high and cats always land on their paws! Or is that just a saying?” I think to myself.

I’ve climbed about 5 ft all ready... 6 ft....7 ft....8 ft. The key is not to look down. 11 ft....12 ft....13 ft. Nearly there! 16 ft...17 ft...18 ft and I finally made it!
I perch my bottom on the window ledge.  I can’t enter though the window as there is hardly any room to squeeze though.  So I scratch on the window and finally Lucie comes to my rescue.  She opens the window more and pulls me in.

I jump out of her arms and suddenly I’m grabbed by Matthews’ strong hands and thrown into the kitchen where I spot my evil brother Bugsy once again stuffing his face but this time he is eating my food!

Oh so that how he wants to play! Bring it on!  I pounce on Bugsy, knocking the food straight out of his mouth.

“That’s my food you greedy fat cat!” I yell as he digs his claws into my skin.

“Well you’re too late! You stupid weak cat“  I hit him with my paw, sending him running through the cat flap, nearly catching his fat belly along the way. I laugh as I proudly walk outside. I do not get any food but after all that hard work I think I deserve a cat nap.

I walk up the steps and find a hot spot on the patio. I walk around in circles and lie down, the patio is warm and it doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep

I slept for about 6 hours.  Wow! I was only going for a nap!

I’m woken by something breathing on me. I open my eyes to find a big blue pair staring at me. They are cat’s eyes.  At first I thought they were Bugsy’s but he has green eyes;  then I realised they‘re Ginger’s the cat that lives next door;  he is completely ginger with only  three white strips on his back.
He begins to hiss at me and then he scratches me on the nose and bite’s my ear. I would fight back but he has pinned me down and he is also a lot bigger than me. I manage to push him off but he jumps back on and hisses.

“This is my territory now so you’d better bac-“  Suddenly there is a hiss that is coming from behind me. Ginger jumps back and zooms under the fence. I turn and look behind to find Bugsy hissing.

“Thanks, man! But why did you help me?”

“We both may hate each other but we’re still bro’s” Bugsy said with a smile on his face.

“Thanks!” I meow “Bro!”

I just sit down on the grass for a bit and then I decide to go back inside.

When I enter  inside I see everyone in the living room watching a film. I slowly walk in and knock my head on Emily’s feet.

“Charlie!” she yells as she starts to stroke behind my ear and I immediately purr.

“Mum, have the cats been fed?” Emily asks I look up at her and purr even louder than before.

“No not yet!” Mum answers.

I dash for the kitchen and sit up next to my bowl. Then Emily smiles at me and pulls the food out and feeds both me and Bugsy. I really love Emily; she is so kind to me.

Emily and Tom are now in their beds so I run upstairs, unseen by Matthew, and head for Emily’s bed. I jump up on the bed to find she is reading, so I walk up to the book and knock it with my head and that makes her stroke me.

I lie down on her warm lap and slowly fall asleep wondering what I will do tomorrow????

By Emily (with some help from Charlie!)

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