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Year 6 girls spend the day with Kindergarten

Posted: 19th June 2013 | Category: Kindergarten, Year 6

On Monday 17th June, we (Jess and Francesca) prepared for our journey to Kindergarten. After Registration we walked down to the Junior Block where we were greeted by the lovely Mrs Mills and her adorable class.

The reason for this happening all came from one of our Year 6 English lessons. We all had to prepare a speech on something that we felt passionate about. We both want to be Early Years teachers, so, Miss Alexander suggested we spend a day with Kindergarten and we agreed immediately!

We began by helping the children learn about the letter ‘f’. We made f-f-f-fans and suggested words beginning with ‘f’ such as ‘fox’, ‘feet’ and, of course, ‘Francesca’. The children were now longing for some food after all pitching-in to the learning session. Break-time! Great! We helped Mrs Mills bring out the snack: the sandwiches proved more popular than the tomatoes (unsurprisingly) and during break we played Hide-and-Seek and played with the children on the tricycles.

After this we all went for a walk through our lovely grounds collecting sticks which they will use for making boats in the next few days. On the way we stopped by the long-jump pit and made the letter ‘f’ with our fingers in the sand. We walked back up the hill to the classroom where we had a quiet time while Mrs Mills read a story.

Time for lunch! We served the little ones their lunch - which they gobbled up quickly – and then had another wonderful break-time where we played ‘Mums and Dads.’

It was soon ’Quiet Time’ when we watched a Ceebies show: ‘Grandpa in My Pocket’ We then set up for Messy Mondays which Lucas and George started up for us. It was great fun and we watered the plants and played lots of fun games. Then we read them a story which they really enjoyed.

What a wonderful day!

It was really useful for us and really interesting to experience how the younger children learn through play. In the day we were there we saw them learn how to work together; understand the world around them; how we care for and help plants to grow; learning their letters and sounds in a fun way. All sorts of skills that they will need as they grow and move through the school.

Thank you to Miss Alexander and Mrs Mills for arranging this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thank you Kindergarten for allowing us to join in your day.

Francesca P and Jess W

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