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Year 6 celebrate the end of SATs

Posted: 20th May 2015 | Category: Year 6

This is a great week for Year 6 as they have now finished their SATs!


To mark the occasion, the girls have penned some poetry with their thoughts on the whole experience. They all worked hard and now have to try to forget about it all for another month: results don’t come out until July!!


The day has come - SATs have begun!

Monday: English Reading. Check!

Tuesday: English SPaG. Check!

Wednesday: Maths and Science. Check!

Only 2 more days and 2 more tests -

I can’t believe it’s gone so quick!

                                                            Lydia Hugo and Alice Knight.


At first they were scary

Then they were fine,

They were all quite challenging

But we had lots of time.


The lessons now are shorter

And we are having lots more fun.

The questions were hard,

But the answers were on the tip of my tongue!


They are all quite finished now

Hip Hip Hooray!

We can relax and have fun

For the rest of the day.              

                                                       Lucy Ball & Diya Derodra


We will have lots of fun now the SATs are all done,

The work was very hard, but it did lead to fun.

When we were sitting at our desks it was so quiet in here

I finished early and all I could hear was the scribbling of pencils

and whispers all round. I couldn’t wait till it was all over!

Now the SATs are all done, the other lessons are more fun.

No more work to be done - just relax in the sun!

                                                            Saskia Hall

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