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Year 2 and Year 4 get together to read stories they have written

Posted: 10th December 2014 | Category: Year 2, Year 4

Year 2 and Year 4 get together to read.


Earlier this term, Milly, in Year 4, decided to write a story book about a dog.

A short while later she wrote another one.

A short while later Lucy decided to join in and wrote a story book.

Followed by several more.

And then several more.

Year 4 suddenly erupted into a story writing frenzy and it was amazing to see the concentration, the attention to detail, the imaginative language being used, the enthusiasm, the desire to keep writing

more and more. There were stories about rainbows, stars, jungles, Christmas dragons and many more fabulous topics.

We then discovered that Year 2 had written some lovely Christmas stories and so we decided to get together and share the mutual love of story writing.

The result was a delightful half hour of reading, listening, sharing ideas, helping with illustrations and generally enjoying the experience of books.

This wasn’t planned. It just happened.

How special is that?

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