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Wishwork puppets visit the Early Years

Posted: 3rd May 2017 | Category: Reception

It was quite a treat to begin the term with a visit from Wishworks Puppets, who provided us with a fun and informative introduction to our new topic on British wildlife. 

We started with a 'sock puppet workshop'. Everyone chose their favourite woodland animal, a corresponding sock, and all the additional bits including ears, noses, eyes and tails. Then, with Sally and Andy's help those pieces were assembled to make our puppets. We veered off task a little due to the intense interest shown in Sally and Andy's glue guns; a potentially useful bit of kit for all the aspiring superheroes in the class. Moving on from the glue guns, a collection of wonderful fox, badger and rabbit puppets emerged, to the delight of the children who immediately got into place behind the puppet theatre and entertained us. The children were given guidance on how to make their puppet move and speak in a way that portrayed their character.
Following our fun and creative morning, the children watched and participated in an informative and very funny show starring a greedy fox and a grumpy badger. We learned many interesting facts about the animals who live alongside us in our woods and fields at Skippers; one of the most interesting facts was that rabbits eat their own droppings - but we also learned about lesser known animals such as stoats, weasels and wood mice. The children were completely engaged and were able to incorporate many newly learned habits into their role play in the afternoon.
Thank you so much to Sally and Andy for teaching us about the animals and their habitats - our walks in the woods have gained a new perspective now that we know what to look for!
With love and best wishes from all the Early Years team.

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