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We have had a busy and exciting first two weeks.

Posted: 17th September 2014 | Category: Kindergarten

We have had a busy and exciting first two weeks of term in Kindergarten!

We have been joined by ten new friends and their families, so these first weeks will be spent getting used to one another, the classroom, and the outdoor environment. Another important place, the bathroom, has also been the focus of much activity! Running water is endlessly fascinating to small people (as well as being evidence of a ‘trajectory’ schema of learning) and we probably have the cleanest and wettest children in the county! Our children are drying their tears, settling well and making friends; and so are the Mummies!

Our activities are centred around the ‘Rhythm of the Year’, so we have been gathering sticks for weaving autumnal looms, leaves for collage, and acorns because we love them. In one gathering session, we practised accurate counting, ordering by size, estimating, sorting by colour and type, and initial sounds. Every moment spent outdoors is a learning moment.

In music the children first went on a ‘listening walk’. We were able to hear and identify birdsong, aircraft, cows, Gary on his tractor, and a Gruffalo (!!) Following on from that, Mrs Holleyman brought out her wonderful percussion instruments, and the children began to think about rhythm and beat.

In P.E., Mr. Gurran has been getting to know the class, teaching them to travel safely over and under small gym apparatus, and encouraging them to gain confidence in a large space. The children loved meeting him and now always wave to him enthusiastically!

French with Miss Bakewell will begin next Monday.

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