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Top 5 Tips for Settling Your Child into Nursery or Kindergarten

Posted: 12th December 2016 | Category: Parent Resources, Kindergarten

Starting Nursery or Kindergarten for the first time is a big step for both you and your child, and it’s natural to feel anxious about how you are going to cope with the transition. At Skippers we aim to work with parents to make the transition as easy as we can for all the family as you join the Skippers Hill community. The Skippers ethos is to put the happiness and well being of your child first, so you can rest assured that he or she will be comforted, nurtured and supported by our friendly, compassionate and understanding team.

We have come up with the following top tips which we hope might also help you settle your little one in.

1. Plan some settling in visits
Most nurseries will offer the opportunity for you to visit with your child before they start, so they can get used to the new environment. The settling in visits give you both an opportunity to meet the staff and allows your child to become familiar with their new surroundings and routines. At Skippers, we encourage all joining families to attend as many of our Fun Friday sessions as possible before joining the Kindergarten. During these play sessions your child will be able to explore and become accustomed to the environment, with the security of a loved one present. Your child will take his or her lead from you, so seeing you chatting and enjoying a cup of tea with the Kindergarten teachers will reassure them that this is a safe and happy place to be. These sessions are of huge importance in developing the close and trusting relationships we enjoy with our families at Skippers.

2. Be prepared to spend time settling your child
All children are different, and although some will be able to cope with staying for a whole session very quickly, others may take longer to build secure attachments with the teachers and feel comfortable without you there. If your child is under three years old, be prepared to accompany them to school at first. By staying with your child during the settling in sessions, we work together as partners to build a familiar and secure environment for their learning foundations to grow and flourish. Our staff have the experience to guide and advise you, and we will work with you to put into place a settling in process that will support your child.

3. Talk about Kindergarten positively
Young children absorb their parents’ emotions, so if you are calm, enthusiastic and confident that all will be well, then your child will feel the same way. Talk to them about how wonderful it will be for them to meet their friends, play with different toys, and enjoy activities such as singing, painting, and exploring the woods and fields.

4. Choose a comforter from home
If your child has a favourite comfort item such as a blanket or soft toy, allow them to take it into Kindergarten with them. Our staff understand that children may need a comforter and they will be able to freely access it as needed during their time away from home. Encourage  your child to tell their teacher if they are missing you and remember you’ll be back to pick them up soon.

5. Manage the moment of parting
All young children, even once they have built an attachment with their teacher, will sometimes find it hard to let you go in the morning. If your child is upset when you drop them off, please be reassured that the teacher will contact you by phone or email to tell you when they have settled. At Skippers, all children also have a ‘Contact Book’ which is completed every day by the teacher. This will contain details of their daily activities and things they have particularly enjoyed. It also enables you to note down any information which you feel may be useful for the teacher.

Hopefully this article has provided some helpful tips to help both you and your child prepare for starting Nursery or Kindergarten. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email at , call 01825 830 234 or email the teachers directly as detailed below.

We look forward to seeing you and your little one soon!

Best wishes

Loraine Pincott (Head of Early Years):
Sue Reis (Kindergarten Leader):

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