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This week in Reception it’s all about Sounds and Swimming!

Posted: 26th June 2013

This week in Reception, as part of their senses topic in Music, the children have been learning about sounds and how a variety of objects can create different sounds.

Music Teacher Mrs Holleyman presented the children with a sound tray containing a range of different materials – from sweet wrappers and plastic bottles to empty baked bean tins. 

The children took it in turns to choose an object and create a sound from it. Some objects were shaken, while others were squeezed.


The children also took part in the annual Junior Swimming Gala led by our Head of P.E, Mrs Daphne Barkworth, and Upper School Tutor, Mr. David Pollard.

The swimming gala is a chance for Reception, Y1 and Y2 pupils to put into practise all the learning they have done in their swimming lessons by competing against each other in races and jumping competitions.  Some of the races are more serious - such as (for Reception) swimming one width, two widths or a length - while others are more fun. 

A race the children particularly enjoy is the "horse race", in which each child straddles a woggle as they would a horse. The aim is to be the first horse back into the stable (i.e. the other side of the pool!).  The children are carefully grouped so that they are competing against others of a similar age, ability and confidence level.

Reception Class

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