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Autumn Term builds momentum

Posted: 17th September 2014 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

Dear Friends,

The sunny beaches of Andalusia seem a distant memory as the Autumn Term builds momentum! 39 new pupils and 3 new teachers have been warmly welcomed into the beating heart of our school.  

The Summer holidays were full on at Skippers!

The first two weeks of Summer Club for pupils at Skippers was well-attended and I would like to thank our teachers for running this so successfully.

For the first time ever, we then allowed an outside organisation to use our facilities and children from local schools as well as Skippers enjoyed a fantastic time.

We shall be running both clubs next Summer so book early to avoid disappointment!

The School Development Plan is very much on schedule and I would like to highlight the following:

What about the new teachers?  I am sure they will appear in their own right in the newsletter but a few words about each of them!

Back to the blog!

I have a new remit from HQ: to write a blog for each newsletter and, of course, I shall apply my new-found knowledge: Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!  From time to time, be not surprised if a guest blogger stands in my stead and I promise that there will always be something amusing in each piece to break any potential monotony!

A note was slipped one morning under my study door and it read:

Our school is a good school,
It's made of bricks and plaster,
The only thing that's wrong with it,
Is the bald headmaster.

Cheeky imp I thought and a series of potential recidivists sprang to mind!  Which malefactor, felon, miscreant or wrongdoer was responsible for this heinous crime? It must be an Upper School pupil flexing his or her muscles...pushing the proverbial boundaries.  The fact that the verse does not scan properly and the punctuation is awry narrows down the field somewhat!  So, whoever is responsible for this ode is a measly nematode and vengeance will indeed be mine!

Back in a fortnight for a new blog!

Bless you all!


Tim Lewis

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