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The Kindergarten bounce back into school

Posted: 13th January 2016 | Category: Kindergarten

The Kindergarten children have bounced back into school in fine fettle following the Christmas holiday. Whenever we see them again after a break, we are amazed and delighted by their increased confidence and abilities. It is a reminder to us that these early years are precious and important, and that skills and attitudes learned now remain embedded for life. 
The Upper Kindergarten children have fully settled into their new classroom. We have been starting each school day with a literacy or numeracy session, delivered through play and exploration. Song, dance and creativity are a fun way to learn concepts such as letter sounds, accurate counting, conservation of number, sorting and matching. Their repertoire of songs and rhymes is growing and they are becoming expert story tellers and performers! When we complete each day's session, they are keen to get back to their younger friends in the Kindergarten room to play, bond and practice new skills. We are very proud to work with such wonderful young people.
We have welcomed five new smalls into the younger group, who have all settled happily thanks to their older friends and the supportive  atmosphere they create. We are also delighted to welcome Mrs Emma Jones, a warm and gifted early years teacher who has joined our team.
Thank you to all our lovely parents who continue to support and work with us. We were quite overwhelmed at your response to the Nativity and at your generous gifts at the end of term. What a fab lot you are!
We now look forward to some Spring sunshine and longer days!
Much love,
Loraine Pincott, Sue Reis, Jackie Newman and Emma Jones

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