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Sue’s ‘Fun with Food Club’ Blog

Posted: 10th December 2012

Food Club has got off to a cracking start this second half of term with a new group of 10 children enjoying the fruits of their labours!  The first week saw much chopping, slicing, cutting and squeezing as the children concocted the most delicious fruit salad - served with whipped cream, of course.  A simple enough dish to prepare but much caution needs to be exercised when knives are used.  Marianna and I are insistent that the children practise safe cutting and chopping so it was a good first exercise.

Skippers Hill Fun With Food Club

The second week we made vanilla and chocolate frostings for cupcakes.  Lots of beating with wooden spoons and all the children were suitably covered with icing sugar!  Of course, the best part - apart from the eating at the end - was the variety of sprinkles on offer with which all cupcakes were liberally covered.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to be outrageously healthy and so vegetables took centre stage.  At the beginning of each session we gather the children around the table containing the ingredients and discuss what we might be making. Well, when they saw the vegetables their faces dropped - until we told them they would be making 'Cucumber Crocodiles'.  With that there were whoops of delight and 40 minutes later two rather monstrous looking 'crocodiles' with carrots for legs, olives for eyes and an assortment of cheese and vegetable delicacies loaded onto cocktail sticks on their backs.  A lot of happy munching ensued!


What Marianna and I have discovered is that Fun with Food Club is a great arena for children to try out new tastes and textures.  They are in a relaxed environment amongst friends and, although there is absolutely no pressure for children to eat anything they do not want to, they are often intrigued to try foods their friends like.  A classic example in the last session was a child who had been reluctant to try olives who surprised himself when he discovered he liked them!

Although we have lots of ideas for Food Club, any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.  I am in the process of putting together all the recipes that we have used this term so do ask me if you would like a copy.  All are simple to make and, most importantly, require minimal cooking!

Some comments from the children:

"I didn't think I liked fruit that much."

"That was the yummiest pudding ever!"

"I really really liked the yellow pepper because it was really tasty.  I liked the cheese too but I didn't want it.”

"It had all the things I like on it.  Cheddar cheese is my favourite, olives are my favourite and peppers are definitely my favourite.  And pineapple too."

"I liked eating it best."

by Sue Reis

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