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Start of Term in Kindergarten

Posted: 13th September 2013 | Category: Kindergarten

Here we are at the end the first week of term and for some, including the teacher, the first week at Skippers! What an exciting time we have had!

Cooking is an activity with a built- in incentive, and rewards for all, especially when one of the ingredients is chocolate. After much enthusiastic washing of hands and putting on aprons, we weighed, measured, mixed and poured and tried desperately not to lick our fingers. The chocolate crispy cakes were spooned into cases and left to set. Waiting for them to set was the hardest part! They were then distributed among teachers and classmates, with some left over to take home. Kindergarten was very popular that day!

We have spent a great deal of time outdoors, including time with our friends in Reception Class, and have begun our ‘Woodland Explorers’ project. The grounds of Skippers include beautiful woodland areas ripe for exploring! View more photos of us exploring here.

Accompanied by our much loved ‘big girls’ (the Year 8s), we hunted for signs of autumn, collecting leaves and acorns. Large branches were discovered and hauled into a clearing to make an outline of a house, and sticks collected for a fire. Sadly not a real fire this time! The children displayed wonderful co-operation and problem solving, and, as in the best learning opportunities, we teachers were mere onlookers!

We are all looking forward to many rich and varied learning opportunities during the autumn term. Watch this space!

Loraine Pincott and Sue Reis

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