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Sports Day enjoyed by adults and children alike

Posted: 16th June 2015 | Category: Year 1, Year 2

Last Saturday the Juniors displayed their 'A-game' at the Skippers Hill Sports Day. This was the first Sports Day the children competed on the all-weather court and it certainly didn't disappoint. With it being the year of the Rugby World Cup, the event had a rugby theme. But before the feet did the work, the children put their vocals through their paces by serenading us parents to impressive renditions of the National Anthem and Swing low, Sweet Chariot. And after the 'Lost Property' game to warm-up, the jumpers were ditched, the whistle blew and the kids were off.

'Score a try', 'Pass it back' and then the 'Kit Race' were tackled head on by the children and the speed, enthusiasm and determination displayed by all was heart-warming to watch. And then there was the Parents' Race. All I can say is,  it's a blessing the children are still at the age they don't get embarrassed by the steely, gritty determination being shown by the oldies who are subtly sharpening elbows and stretching out hamstrings whilst trying to look as casual as daisies blowing in the summer wind! With only two trying to make a last minute escape (Mr. Brooks and Mr. Martin) only to endure the wrath of Miss Murphy on the mic, the shapes thrown and grunts blown made it one parents' race to remember! Thanks to all the Junior staff who always make Junior Sports Day such an occasion providing us parents with wonderful photos opportunities of our Ennis's and Coe's! It was certainly was a great morning enjoyed by all.

Sarah Jones

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