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My final blog

Posted: 8th July 2020 | Category: Headmaster's Blog

So, the time has come for my final blog at Skippers and I thought I might share this one with the family! It has been a real privilege to serve this amazing community over the past six years and as a family we all feel genuine gratitude for the time we have spent here. 

For Lucy and Josh, who became Skipperoos aged 8 and 6, their enduring memories of childhood will be at Skippers - the fabulous friends they have made, the inspiring teachers and the stunning setting. As well as being a home, Skippers has enabled them both to find their passions, nurtured their confidence and given them a great platform for future success. As parents, we could not ask for more!

For Sarah and I, we take pride in the journey we have taken together with you, the achievements we have shared and the genuine, transformative benefit that the school has brought to so many children. When we started at Skippers, our primary goal was to make a difference; we hope that in a small way we have played our part in its rich history, as well as  securing a bright future in challenging times.

The school is a very special place and events of the past few months are a testament to all its strengths. Hale and hearty, it will not only survive this most recent, global crisis but emerge stronger and better on the other side. The pandemic has enabled us all to appreciate what really matters and brought into sharp relief how much Skippers is loved by its community.

Thank you to you all for your support, your commitment, your passion and your ambition for the school over the years, and for lending us your amazing children, who spend many happy hours here. 

As we are effectively moving just down the road, we look forward to seeing many of you on the sports pitches in the years ahead and although we may be officially wearing different colours in September, there will always be a private part of us urging Skippers on!

Best wishes and all the very best,

Mark, Sarah, Lucy, Josh, Lottie, Tess and the fish.

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