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Skippy travels far and wide with the families in Reception

Posted: 1st February 2017 | Category: Reception


Our Reception class mascot is a small deer named Skippy. He (or she, who knows?) has a charmed life. The week days are spent watching the comings and goings of the class, assisting in numeracy, literacy and science sessions and being cuddled. 

At the weekend Skippy goes home with one of the children as a weekend guest. His hosts write an entry in 'Skippy's Diary' describing the events of the weekend, accompanied by photos.

Skippy is now a well travelled deer. He has been to London, Hastings, Antigua, Outer Space and many other wonderful places. There can be no doubt, we have the photographic evidence. He has enjoyed many and varied foodstuffs and drinks(!)

 On Monday mornings we all enjoy hearing about Skippy's adventures as recounted by the weekend host. The children have all become used to standing in front of the class, speaking up clearly and confidently and answering classmates' questions. Sometimes the story of Skippy's weekend is concise and factual, and sometimes it becomes an epic fantasy adventure.

We have now reached the end of an era  - Skippy is on his last home visit! Each family has now had the pleasure of his company. 
From next week the diary will be in the classroom in its usual place, available for the children who love to look back at the entries.
Thank you so much to all our lovely parents who entered into the spirit of 'Skippy's Diary' and gave us so many chuckles!

Much love,
Mrs Pincott and Michelle

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